You may not know this but Google owns thousands of sites and products. These websites receive the same treatment in Google’s search listings (of course the cynics out there might claim that they are given preferential treatment). They also have to follow the same webmaster guidelines as all other sites listed on the search engine giant.

Google says that making small changes can have a big impact on search indexing. Adding things like canonical links, updates to meta data and keeping on top of site maps can vastly improve the site’s prominence.

If you have multiple sites offering similar things, or that contain similar content, look at consolidating these into one site. This, according to the boffins at Google, is a good way to encourage organic growth over time.

They also encourage the concept of embracing change. Google are always making updates to their systems and keeping on top of the latest developments on the internet. Users are also constantly changing their search behaviour (for instance the way they type out their search terms). It’s important for website owners to take the same approach. It boils down to making changes. If a site is constantly being modified, tweaked and developed, Google recognises this as a site that is active and, consequently, more likely to be up to date and useful to visitors.

So there you have it. The bottom line is having a website sitting there is only half the story. If you want to improve its coverage, get seen by more people and encourage more business, it’s important to keep the site up to date and not let it get stale. If you would like more information or would like Datapartners to help with making small changes to your site, please do contact us.

Published on 14 January 2019 at 09:41:00

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