For those of you who have followed the Datapartners blog for long enough, you will be aware that we used to write and publish blogs on our own Blogger app (formerly called Blahwagon). However, back in 2008 - that is 10 years ago! - we decided to start using Google's Blogger. There were a few reasons for this; partly because anything published on Google's own platform seemed to get indexed more quickly by Google's search, partly because it was convenient, partly because we are Google advocates, partly because we felt we couldn't compete with Google's already well established blogging service but mainly because only about three of our clients were using our blogging tool and we felt it was better to focus on the apps that were actually making us money, like our e-commerce app.

For a few years our blogs were handled pretty well by our grumpy web developer who had a unique style of writing that attracted a good audience. However, due to other commitments and a general lack of interest, these blogs have been few and far between in recent years. Another issue with Google's blogger is that, despite a few customise options, they don't look great and, as a design company, we now feel it would be better to have a more uniform look that matches our main website.

So here we are: Our blogging app (now simply called dp.blog) has been updated and we shall be publishing at least one blog a month on it. These blogs will be slightly less grumpy, more informative and relevant to our customers and businesses in general. They will focus more on the business world, mainly in the web arena obviously. Hopefully they will be useful to you, so please do continue to follow us.

The old Datapartners blog will remain online, purely for nostalgia.

Published on 11 June 2018 at 10:54:00

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